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Amber Sweeney is an accomplished soul-rock singer and songwriter from the Pacific Northwest

Studios, studios, and more studios

Have you ever wondered how wine is made? Has curiosity ever led you down a path to imagine how electricity is harnessed into a small battery, powering your television remote? Have you ever pondered what goes into making the music you love? Well, if ever you did, then you would have been fascinated to be at this incredible event. 

Following the beautiful dedication and Mele Mei at the Grammy Museum, I invited my producer friends to hop in Winston with me, as we made our way over to The Village Recorder is West L.A. The Recording Academy was honoring Jack White this year, for his brilliant innovations and impact made on the industry as a producer and engineer, and we were all invited to the party.

When we made it to the Village Recorder, things were already well underway. We all checked in, did a quick walk through the red carpet as a group for the press, and headed inside to uncover all the gems within this magnificent space. The Village houses a large number of studios used for everything from A-List music production, to post production for things like television, movies, video games etc. It’s an impressive space, and on this occasion it was overflowing with producers, engineers, and guests all there to honor Jack White, and to celebrate the music made over the last year. Each room had its own theme, and some of the most unbelievable gadgets, toys, and music making magic. I found the Gibson room almost immediately, and sat down to play one of their SGs. I found myself befuddled by the automated tuner attached to the back of the head of one of the guitars I played. This technology has been out for a while, but it was the first time I had ever encountered said device. Truth be told, I hated it. It was incredibly confusing, and the guitar still wasn’t in tune after it did it’s automated work. I had to be assisted several times before giving up altogether and finding another guitar that I could tune the old fashioned way. 

After that, my friend Jessicca and I caught up with my friend and producer, Geoff Ott. Geoff gave us a tour of the entire facility. He took us through the studio that was specifically designed for both Stevie Nicks and Lindsay Buckingham. Two separate rooms, with two unique feels, merging with one control room for the engineers and producers to do what they do best, turning nobs, routing cables, and making the sound that passes through their vintage and new Neve soundboards come out every bit as magical as the authenticator of the sound. It was even more fun to walk around with Geoff after spending so much time making Believing In Love at London Bridge. For all the character and magical feelings that existed in the space we were touring, nothing compares to the space that Geoff, Eric, and Jonathan create at London Bridge. 

We walked from studio to studio, floor to floor, passing people we knew and people we had yet to meet. I met folks from all over the country, and Geoff and I even go the chance to be on camera for something to do with Tidal (which happens to be my favorite streaming source, btw - high quality audio that I can blast in Winston while touring the country). It was incredible to see so many people who dedicated their life to the making of music. Producers and engineers are truly brilliant people. They take simple stories, musical compositions, and sounds and turn them into the masterpieces we all enjoy. 

After watching Jack White receive his honor from the Recording Academy, it was time to round up the crew that needed rides home, and call upon the services of Winston once again. We had a few different faces pile in this time, Tyler Stone and Patrick Hinds of the PDX electronic band, Sutro (also, Patrick is the one who designed the album cover for Believing In Love).

After dropping everyone off at their respective landing spots, Jessicca and I headed back to her friends house to get a little rest before my show in Anaheim, across from the Magic Kingdom. Although, I was pretty certain we had found the Magic Kingdoms super cool cousin, and he was giving out better party favors. 

More adventures were to come later in the week, such as touring Capitol Studios in Hollywood with PNW Chapter board members, the nominees reception at the ever impressive Ebell Theater, and of course, the Grammys themselves - which I’ll talk about in the next blog. 

As always, thanks for listening with your heart. 





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