Amber Sweeney

Amber Sweeney is an accomplished soul-rock singer and songwriter from the Pacific Northwest

Santa Barbara And Redding

Waking up on Monday after the Grammys was a little bit tougher than normal. We hadn’t gotten back to our AriBnB until nearly 3:00am, and we had to repack Winston. I kept day dreaming about our quick turnaround at home, where I could drop off 90 percent of what I brought with me. Every time we loaded and unloaded the van, I thought of that coming day. 

When we got to Santa Barbara, our gracious hosts and friends Byron and Crystal happily led us to the room where we could rest our weary little selves, and boy did we need the rest! They have such a beautiful home not far from where I was going to be performing. We had a quick visit, and then went to grab a bite to eat and tour my friends Graham and Theresa’s new office space. It was so exciting to see their space. It inspired me to want to create a similar working environment at my home office. 

After dinner we headed back to our friends Byron and Crystal’s home and literally conked out. I can’t remember the last time I was asleep before midnight, but on this day, I was out by 9:30 and didn’t get out of bed until about noon the next day. Upon waking, we quickly got ready, and headed to a coffee shop to try and work on a few things before the show at Hoffman Brathaus that evening. It was nice to get some actual work done. All the events from the week before seemed to take priority, and I was way behind on things that really needed to get done. 

Once those tasks were complete, I got show ready, and we headed over to the Brathaus. I think that San Francisco and Santa Barbara rival each other with the amount of busking and street performing that goes on in their cities. 

I set up on the outside patio portion of the restaurant, and started my set. It was a bit of a rocky start for me. My voice was weary, and I had accidentally inhaled a tiny bit of water before I began my first set. There’s nothing quite like choking on water to make you feel like you’re an accomplished adult. 34 years of living, and I still haven’t fully mastered the art of drinking liquids. Anyway, the second set was much better. The patio filled up quickly, as it was Valentines Day, and many folks were out for the music, and also to enjoy a fun evening with their significant others. Buskers came by, offering gifts such as flowers and paintings, and a few tried singing along with me. I hadn’t quite seen anything like that before. It was quite the compliment, I believe. 

I even ran into an old friend I knew in high school. I was friends with him and his sister back in the day, and in the middle of my break, I turned around to see my old friend David standing right there. He introduced me to his wife and baby girl, and we chatted briefly about life and how in the world we were both standing there in Santa Barbara at the same time. It was a fun encounter. 

The next morning Jessicca and I were up at 6:00am, making our way to Redding, CA. It was the longest driving stint yet, and I had to perform that night at the Post Office Saloon in Redding. If I can offer one bit of advice to folks touring, try not to book a show the day AFTER Valentines Day. The Post Office was incredibly gracious, and there were a few people who came in and stayed for the music, but we were quick to realize that the amount of people there was a direct reflection of the events the day before. Even so, our server was absolutely lovely, and shared her story of her journey beginning to record and perform her own music. 

Touring has its perks, along with its challenges, but it really did bless me to see this girl so inspired. I hope she continues playing, and recording, and I hope it fulfills her in all the right ways. 

As always, thanks for listening with your heart. 





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