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Community Spotlight - Jeff Quade, Q3Team Management

I’d like to introduce you to another new regular feature called “Community Spotlight.”

I will be taking time each week to point out people who are doing great things in their community. If you have a suggestion for someone you feel deserves a community spotlight, feel free to send me a message with information on who they are and what they’re doing. 

         Jeff Quade

         Jeff Quade

For this first Community Spotlight, I want to highlight someone who is a part of my team. His name is Jeff Quade. 

Jeff is the owner of a business management company called Q3Team Management. I have been working with Q3Team for the last 8 years, and they have helped me manage the entities that house my career as an artist. Jeff and his wife Shawna, have also been some of my best friends for the last 12 or so years, which makes it hard to narrow down the impact Jeff, and his family have made. It’s difficult to measure a persons significance when you have so many wonderful examples to choose from. 

Jeff’s professional accolades are impressive. His company manages a family medical practice and medical spa (Ashbrook Medical and Ashbrook Aesthetics), a manufactured home park, a faith based non-profit and counseling center, a restaurant, and a few up and coming artistic creatives. As if that wasn’t enough, he goes above and beyond to invest in and support his community in a multitude of ways. He currently serves on the board for both the Battle Ground Rotary Club and his church, has participated as coach, assistant, and umpire while his kids played basketball, softball, and baseball, and has donated his time to assist other rotarians in their various efforts to make our community better. He is the guy who goes in and deals with the difficult situations, and makes space for others to truly shine. I have experienced first hand, his diligence and attention to detail, his ability to reason with and calm potentially volatile people and situations, and have seen him jump in and simply start serving and offering assistance without having to be asked. 

I should also mention, that Jeff, an avid lover of music and movies, has been incredibly supportive of so many artists. He values buying their music, and going to live shows, which I admit, makes him and Shawna some of my favorite people to go with to movies and live shows. 

Jeff has never been one to stand up and ask for recognition. He gives because it is in his nature and desire to give. It my pleasure to acknowledge him in my first community spotlight. Thank you, Jeff Quade, for making such a positive impact in your community. 




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