Amber Sweeney

Amber Sweeney is an accomplished soul-rock singer and songwriter from the Pacific Northwest

THE MAKING OF BELIEVING IN LOVE - Zack Poelwijk: Piano/Organ/Rhodes

Zack Poelwijk - Piano/Organ/Rhodes


Zack Poelwijk is the truth. As humble as he is talented, he comes into every environment with a keen eye, and open ears. His hands translate all that he takes in, with what appears to be flawless effort, and he can quickly turn around and lead the guard, as if he has studied for hours on end. He just breathes sonic life through his fingers with each key he touches. Zack is all over this record, and I could not be happier about that. Zack was able to take the things I started on guitar, and truly expand them on the keys, so as to capture the depth of soul on each song. We only got one day London Bridge Studio together, but it was so inspiring to watch him switch from grand piano, to keyboard, to the beautiful Hammond B3 Organ that rests comfortably in “the big room.” Hearing Zack tell his story of how grateful he was that his mom wouldn’t let him give up on music as a child, and then seeing that gratitude translate into what he contributed to this record knowing what it meant to him, has to be one of the most humbling moments of the recording experience for me. Thank you, Zack, for pouring your soulful heart onto this album! Cheers to you! #BelievingInLove




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