Amber Sweeney

Amber Sweeney is an accomplished soul-rock singer and songwriter from the Pacific Northwest

THE MAKING OF BELIEVING IN LOVE - Michael "Wanz" Wansley - Backing & Featured Vocals

Michael "Wanz" Wansley - Vocals and BGVs on "The Great Northwest" and "Claustrophobic


This man is a true gem. The first time I heard of Michael Wansley, I was at some little pub in Aloha, OR. The place was packed, and I was sitting at a long table with my friend. Two ladies had come in, searching for a spot to rest on their long drive back to Seattle. They asked if they could take the remaining seats at our table, and of course we said yes. As most conversations go, we found ourselves on the topic of music, and the two women launched into a story about their friend, who had given up on his dream of performing music, only to find it again at the age of 50 with some hip-hop group from Seattle. Their friend was touring the world, living his dream, singing about popping tags. It was inspiring, to say the least. A couple of years later, I find myself in the studio, recording a song called "The Great Northwest" (SINGLE RELEASES THIS FRIDAY, DEC 16), and Geoff Ott had the brilliant idea to call Wanz. The same man those two ladies had told me about a couple of years earlier. This song, a song about the depth, strength, and the passion for human rights that exists in the collective people of the Northwestern United States, was about to get even richer. Wanz wrote the verse he sings, which highlights the beauty and vast sights he has seen, living and touring this great region, and I cannot imagine this song without him. He is a story teller's story teller. Wanz is equally captivating in speech as he is in song. His journey, his story, and his talent took "The Great Northwest" to a whole new level. Not to mention he has one of the coolest voices ever! I have so much love and respect for Wanz, and am so grateful for his contribution to this record. Thank you, Wanz, for embodying the spirit of The Great Northwest, and reminding all of us to keep on believing. #BelievingInLove




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