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Amber Sweeney is an accomplished soul-rock singer and songwriter from the Pacific Northwest

THE MAKING OF BELIEVING IN LOVE - Jared Douglas: Backing Vocals

Jared Douglas - Backing Vocals on "Believing In Love"


Jared Douglas is absolutely magical as a vocalist. I am normally the one called in to sing backup vocals on other people’s projects, or even on my own, so working with Jared was one of the greatest gifts I could have ever had. Jared is featured on the title track single on Believing In Love. He nailed each harmony in one take, and kept adding more and more BRILLIANT harmonies, which helped us solidify our decision to choose Believing In Love as the first single. He carries so much soul and emotion in his vocals, that after he left, I had to hold back joyful tears of gratitude for what he added to the song. Jared’s ear, and vocal technique really lifted this song to new heights. What I love even more about Jared is his humility and joyful nature. My favorite Jared quote came about while he was doing takes of the iconic ooo’s you hear throughout the song. He would scoop up to the notes as he was singing, some of them were more dramatic than others, and at one point after a particularly big scoop he said: “I got a full scoop.” We all roared with laughter in that truly had-to-be-there moment. #BelievingInLove




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