Amber Sweeney

Amber Sweeney is an accomplished soul-rock singer and songwriter from the Pacific Northwest


Andrew Joslyn - String arrangement/performance on "Believing In Love," "The Great Northwest," and "River's Edge"


Andrew Joslyn is one of the most brilliant composers and orchestral performers I think I’ve ever met. He is charming, enthusiastic, and a truly beautiful human. There are few people that are as versatile as Andrew. Armed with his violin, he can go from classical to pop, funk, soul, and hip-hop in the blink of an eye, and he understands those genres as if they each were his native tongue, so to speak. His name has been swirling around my musical circle for a while, and from the beginning, producer Geoff Ott and I were trying to come up with a way to make sure we got Andrew’s brilliant voicing on Believing In Love. Towards the end of our time recording, it looked like we may not be able to make it happen, but that’s when the heaven’s opened, and Andrew made it happen. I am truly in awe and humbled by this man’s ability to find, and add to the space in the three songs he is featured on: Believing In Love, River’s Edge, and The Great Northwest. All of which were nearly finished by the time Andrew got them. I absolutely cannot imagine those songs without his string arrangements, especially on The Great Northwest. Thank you, Andrew for bringing the emotional element that only you can to this album! #BelivingInLove




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