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Song Crush Sunday - "Fell In Love With The Moment" by Andrew Paul Woodworth

You just can’t go wrong with stacked harmonies, a catchy guitar riff with bouncing delays, and a melodic hook with one of the best captures of that feeling you get when you linger in a moment a little longer than other people deem acceptable.

Andrew Paul Woodworth is an incredible talent. He’s a Portland based singer songwriter who is truly charting his own course, and he's been charting that course for quite some time. He has all the elements that make him a worthwhile investment of heart and soul. He’s talented, extremely creative, driven, and he loves showing off his vocal students at the variety of venues he performs in. It amazes me that we haven’t heard more about him…yet.

“Fell In Love With The Moment,” is the initial track on Andrew’s latest release Sabatuer. Let me not forget to mention that Andrew is quite the word smith. I secretly would love to see a linguistic match up between Andrew and Don Henley. That may seem a bold statement, but that’s because you’ve likely not experienced the vocabulary of Andrew Paul Woodworth. Andrew, I’d like a coffee table book of your favorite locutions, please.

There are a number of things I love about this track, but what I love most is the way the music and the lyrics balance the emotion of the song’s subject. I don’t know where the inspiration for this song came from, but I can say that it is incredibly relatable on so many levels. I love the way the harmonies stack and build, I love the simplicity of the drive, and I love the lyric, “pain is a stone…you can carry it, or let it go.” One of the moments I truly fell in love with during this song was the modulation. That’s right, there’s a modulation in this song. This again captures the cleverness, and brilliance of Mr. Woodworth. It is a rare thing to hear musicality of that kind in any of our modern rock songs, so it was a welcomed and pleasant surprise to hear the key change after my favorite line in the song.

I highly recommend you taking the time to listen with your heart on this one. You'll fall in love with it. Thank you, Andrew Paul Woodworth, for this incredible song.

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