Amber Sweeney

Amber Sweeney is an accomplished soul-rock singer and songwriter from the Pacific Northwest

Signing With London Tone

Everyone always says that the waiting is the hardest part. There's so much that happens in the space where we wait. Our wonderful minds can come up with a variety of scenarios, imagining what is happening on the other end of the experience we're sharing while we wait for "their" response -- whoever "they" may be. How many times have we walked out of job interviews, or dates wondering, "did they like me?"

I knew that the Jeff's of London Tone Music were really excited about the possibility of working with me, and me with them, but once my manager and I hit "send," telling the computer to carry the information of sound and story all the way to Seattle, there was that nagging question again. Realizing the massiveness of the project the owners and producers of London Tone were putting on, I admit, I was impressed with how efficient they were at squashing the waiting bug. It's quite impressive to see a small group of extremely talented and driven people pull off signing 52 artists to release 52 singles over the course of 52 weeks. I'm sure this year will be a blur for most of them.

After spending a few weeks sorting out the details of our business relationship, my manager and I made the jaunt from Battle Ground, WA to Seattle. I imagined signing such a contract would be a bit more cathartic, but I was more excited to sit down and get to know the guys I was about to create music with. I didn't event tour the studio first. I was so fascinated and humbled by these guys who are working so hard to build something new, that I wanted more to sit down with them and talk shop, lives, and get to know them. I suppose that's always true for me. I enjoy people more than things.  When I finally did tour the studio, I was like a kid in a candy shop. The initial shock that was numbing my emotions wore off, and I was in awe of what was happening and where I was. London Bridge Studios is where Pearl Jam and Sound Garden recorded their multi-platinum albums. So much history has been made in that studio. It was finally hitting me. I couldn't wait to start recording.

After we were leaving the studio, we stopped in to catch a glimpse of Geoff Ott's session with one of my fellow 52 artists, Nolan Garret. He was adding some lead guitar to his song Step Back, which was released recently. This got me really jonesin' to get in there and make some music. This kid was unbelievable, and yes he's a kid. 16 years old to be exact. Not only was it amazing to watch Nolan lay down flawless leads, but watching Geoff's tone and direction as a producer left me speechless.

You always remember your first, as the saying goes. This was well worth the wait, and in truth, the wait wasn't as long as I had anticipated. This experience has been met with such professionalism, such peace, and such genuineness, that it seems as if there was no wait at all. I am proud to be one of London Tone Music's 52.  Thank you, Jeff, Jeff, Geoff, Jessicca, Candice, and Patty, for making this such an amazing first!

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