Amber Sweeney

Amber Sweeney is an accomplished soul-rock singer and songwriter from the Pacific Northwest

The Axe & The Fiddle

At one point, a couple of guys went upstairs to play pool. I noticed that they were waiting for me to finish singing Believing In Love before they began their game, and it blew me away. I’m so used to people chatting, shouting, and doing whatever it is they want during sets when I play at bars, that the kindness of these young men really stood out to me. 

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Santa Barbara And Redding

The patio filled up quickly, as it was Valentines Day, and many folks were out for the music, and also to enjoy a fun evening with their significant others. Buskers came by, offering gifts such as flowers and paintings, and a few tried singing along with me. I hadn’t quite seen anything like that before. It was quite the compliment, I believe. 

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Studios, studios, and more studios

Following the beautiful dedication and Mele Mei at the Grammy Museum, I invited my producer friends to hop in Winston with me, as we made our way over to The Village Recorder is West L.A. The Recording Academy was honoring Jack White this year, for his brilliant innovations and impact made on the industry as a producer and engineer, and we were all invited to the party.

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LA Is Such A Tease

By the time we reached southern California, both Jessicca and I were already done loading and unloading Winston (the tour van). I know, I know. You’re probably thinking, “yeah, that gear you’re hauling must be heavy.” You would never imagine it was because we brought way too many clothes with us. I mean, we are two grown women who have learned a thing or two about traveling and life, right? Clearly not.

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Grammy Week - Mele Mei

Being a Governor has been a special privilege. I sat on the Advocacy Committee, and was able to get involved and support the Academy as they fight for the rights of music creators in a world that has been rocked with change in the technological age. One of the ways the Academy thanks those who serve, is by hosting and throwing some of the most exquisite parties and events the week of the Grammy Awards. 

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I Did Not Leave My Heart In San Francisco

I think I underestimated how much down time I’d have on the road, especially this last week. 

The last time I shared anything with you all, we were about to play San Francisco. I have to say, I’m extremely grateful that my east bay friends came out, and brought friends with them to the Hotel Utah. It was a bit of a haul for them, and definitely a unique journey given that it was not only raining, but it was Superbowl Sunday.

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THE MAKING OF BELIEVING IN LOVE - Michael "Wanz" Wansley - Backing & Featured Vocals

Their friend was touring the world, living his dream, singing about popping tags. It was inspiring, to say the least. A couple of years later, I find myself in the studio, recording a song called "The Great Northwest" (SINGLE RELEASES THIS FRIDAY, DEC 16), and Geoff Ott had the brilliant idea to call Wanz. The same man those two ladies had told me about a couple of years earlier.

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Community Spotlight - Jeff Quade, Q3Team Management

I’d like to introduce you to another new regular feature called “Community Spotlight.”

I will be taking time each week to point out people who are doing great things in their community. If you have a suggestion for someone you feel deserves a community spotlight, feel free to send me a message with information on who they are and what they’re doing.  

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Our Song - February 4, 2016: Song About Monday's


A Game For The Songwriter In All Of Us

The rules are simple. A post is made on Facebook with a song subject. To play, you add one word about that subject as a comment on the Facebook post. I take those words and turn them into a wacky song and post it later that week on my Facebook page. 

Here is Our Song about Monday's: 

Are you ready for Our Song??? Ladies, and gentlemen, here is Our Song, titled "Monday." You all gave me some really fun...

Posted by Amber Sweeney on Thursday, February 4, 2016



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