Amber Sweeney

Amber Sweeney is an accomplished soul-rock singer and songwriter from the Pacific Northwest

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I believe we live in the most unique time in history; the best time in history for creative collaboration. I take great pride in what I add to each project, and really believe in the spirit of collaboration. Whatever we’re creating, we’re doing it together.


  • songwriting:

    • top line | Lyrics | music | arrangement/producing

  • vocals:

    • Leads | BGVS | Producing/arrangement

  • instrumentation:

    • acoustic/electric/bass guitars

  • custom songs

Prices start at $250 USD

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Equipment List:

  • akg c414

  • breedlove pro series c25/crh steel string acoustic guitar

  • breedlove Pursuit concert ce nylon string acoustic guitar

  • fender telecaster electric guitar

  • musicman sting ray 5 string bass guitar

  • m-audio axiom 49 midi controler

  • art pro channel tube amp/compressor

  • vox ad50vt

  • daws: studio one 4/Pro-Tools

Accolades & Testimonials:

  • “Well what can one say about this lady, Amber is probably one of the BEST if not the BEST soulful singers i have ever had the fortune of using on my tracks. Amber has that rich soulful sound that penetrates through you like silk,her range is also unbelievable.I will definitely be using Amber again for my production” - JazzyD

  • “Amber Sweeney is an exceptional singer with a unique, intimate quality to her voice. Her lead and harmony vocals absolutely transformed my song into a special and memorable track which will no doubt be the best of my new album. Amber is a joy to work with, and handled the vocal production details with ease and charm. Best of the best!” - John Graham


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